You’re already familiar with Biden and the Democrats’ ridiculous claim that the multitrillion-dollar spending bill they support would cost “zero” dollars:

Now the president has a slightly modified approach.

This administration really does think everybody’s stupid.

Out: It costs zero.

In: Don’t even talk about the number!

Part of the reason Biden’s desperate to pass his “Build Back Better” agenda is because he’d get to see more of his beloved choo-choo trains. According to Biden, his plan would end up taking “literally millions” of cars off the road.

Biden seems to want everybody to believe most Americans live close to an Amtrak station, or will at some point. Also, the auto unions who endorsed Biden must really enjoy hearing his goal that would result in millions of fewer cars being sold.

Biden and the Dems are desperate to convince everybody they’re creating a green utopia when the opposite is taking place.