Every proposal President Biden and the Democrats support that has anything to do with addressing “climate change” will make oil and gas far more expensive, and their entire goal is doing away with fossil fuels entirely. All that means some serious spin will be required when fuel prices rise rapidly and there’s nothing to replace it with. Biden got some practice trying to spin high gas prices at CNN’s town hall, saying he doesn’t have a “near term” answer:

And if you don’t like Biden’s “near-term” answer, his long-term answer will no doubt infuriate you.

Biden claiming the working class will pay less because there’s a tax cut in his proposal is laughable because everything else in that plan will make energy prices rise even higher and worsen inflation. In other words, “working-class hardest hit.”

The Democrats don’t want lower gas prices, but they won’t admit that when the issue is backfiring on them politically.

Even more pitiful than Biden wanting to punish the oil industry is his administration asking the same people they demonize to help lower gas prices.