There are a number of crises that the Biden administration is presiding over and making worse, whether intentionally or because of sheer incompetence.

Gas and energy prices continue to rise, along with inflation making groceries and everything else more expensive. There’s a supply chain logjam that’s leading to empty store shelves, along with the ongoing crisis at the border. Additionally, the virus Biden promised to “shut down” is still going around and the only thing he’s managing to shut down is the economy.

Considering all this, President Biden is rallying Cabinet members and senior administration officials in order to… tackle climate change at a conference in Scotland:

John Kerry and others are going as well:

President Joe Biden is planning a show of strength at next month’s pivotal UN climate summit in Glasgow.

The president is sending 13 cabinet members and senior administration officials, including his top domestic and international climate advisers Gina McCarthy and John Kerry, according to a schedule obtained by CNN.
Biden also plans to attend the conference.

The Hill’s Joe Concha has a question:

This administration certainly has its “priorities”! And what’s going to be the carbon footprint of this climate-saving trip to Europe?


Also at the conference, expect the usual Covid rule hypocrisy: