The mainstream media will often report on how Facebook and other social media outlets are criticized as enabling the spread of misinformation, but the MSM’s self-awareness couldn’t be lower. Stephen L. Miller — @RedSteeze — focused on the media’s reporting about Jacob Blake as an example of why “Facebook isn’t the problem.”

It starts with news that the Kenosha officer who shot Jacob Blake last year will not be charged:

Remember the false narratives that were spread after the shooting?

The media really did their part to spread the narrative without knowing (or caring about) the facts:

Here’s a USA Today “fact check” from last year saying claims that Blake had a knife were not true. Later, an update was made in order to say that, yes, Blake had a “razor-blade type knife” but that didn’t change the conclusion of the fact check:

Nothing to see here, just the media covering themselves in more glory.

Given all this it’s laughable that media outlets continue to claim they don’t push any particular agenda.



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