The Biden White House will feel fortunate that “journalists” like New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait are on the job, and by “job” we mean carrying water for the Democrats:

That’s another obvious attempt by Chait to tie all non-Democrats to the people who went into the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, which will be the Dem strategy going forward. But compare the above with what Chait wrote over five and a half years ago:


The shot from early 2016:

And the chaser from this week:

In February of 2016, Chait gave three reasons why liberals should root for Trump to win the GOP nomination. The first was “he would almost certainly lose.” That certainly didn’t age well.

As for the “all Republican politics is functionally authoritarian” part…

The side that supports mandates aplenty calling the other side “authoritarian” is a special kind of projection.