It all started when Jimmy Kimmel accused Fox News’ Sean Hannity of “digging deep” to slam President Biden, leaving the impression that the late-night “comedian” doesn’t think there’s much material when it comes to real reasons to mock or joke about the president:

Jimmy Kimmel mocked Fox News on Thursday for its dedicated efforts to swipe at President Joe Biden.

Fox News host Sean Hannity had played a clip of Biden at the annual congressional baseball game at Nationals Park on Wednesday, saying he arrived to a “chorus of boos.” The clip, however, sounded predominantly like cheering.

“Biden’s uneventful visit didn’t give Fox News much to work with, so Hannity last night had to dig extra deep,” Kimmel quipped. “It sounded like cheering to me. I guess Sean’s ears are full of it, too.”

Hannity fired back this way:

It wouldn’t be complete without a little ratings dig:



And the fact that most late-night “comics” avoid those subjects like the plague speaks volumes to the level of their pro-Dem hackery. But they’re always happy to serve as state media.