We told you on Wednesday that a federal judge ordered federal prosecutors to release a batch of surveillance videos recorded at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th. Prosecutors have for some reason been trying to keep certain surveillance videos from the public even though many Democrats have said that what happened that day was the worst threat to the republic since the Civil War.

This past weekend, at the #JusticeForJ6 rally in DC, a certain photo caused some suspicion that the feds possibly outnumbered actual participants in the event outside the U.S. Capitol:

Additionally, a man who was arrested for possession of a gun at that rally this past weekend turned out to be a federal agent.

Add it all up and many people are skeptical as to the actual grassroots nature of protests in DC. That leads us to the new video that has been released of the January 6th “insurrection.”

As the 1/6 committee in Congress gets going, Tucker Carlson has some questions that the Democrats who control that particular body may or may not be interested in answering:

Totally fair questions.

Unfortunately the 1/6 committee is going to be more focused on maintaining a narrative than actually laying all the facts on the table for the American people to see.