President Biden and the Democrats are in a scramble to distract everybody’s attention from the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal, inflation and the border mess, and they appear to have settled on two ways to go about it: By flailing about the Texas abortion law and blaming recent storms on “climate change” as justification for their huge spending plans. Nancy Pelosi contributed to the Dems’ effort on the latter this morning:

Who knew that “Mother Nature” is a big proponent of Democrat spending plans? Here’s the video:

So the weather will be nice and pleasant all the time if the Democrats can spend a few trillion dollars more? You can’t argue with that science! (Cue eye roll)

During the next solar eclipse, Pelosi will be out in front of the Capitol yelling “let us spend $4 trillion more dollars and I’ll bring the sun back!

That and “Texas is the Handmaid’s Tale come to life” is all Biden and the Dems have in their desperation to change the subject.