Biden’s handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal, combined with other problems that concern Americans such as inflation and the mess at the border along with Covid-19 and crime have caused the White House and Democrats to spring into “need to make it look like we’re doing something good” mode. One example is found in a speech Biden is set to deliver tomorrow:

Is that the same Biden who last year said he had a plan to “shut down the virus” while Trump didn’t?

More people are starting to see through the BS. Americans’ confidence in Biden’s handling of everything is dropping by the day. Here are some of the results of the latest YouGov/Economist poll:


The poll was even worse for VP Kamala Harris:

The Biden/Harris numbers are plunging so fast they might need a deep-sea submersible to retrieve them.

Biden/Harris might start losing them pretty soon as well.

The numbers are likely even worse than that for Biden and Harris since pollsters have a habit of oversampling Democrats.