Earlier this year the White House claimed that President Biden’s son and budding artist selling his work for upwards of $100,000 was totally on the up-and-up because he’s not aware of exactly who is buying his paintings. One thing’s for sure, and it’s that the curator of one Hunter Biden exhibit is going all out to help sell his work, as spotted by Byron York:

From Byron York’s Daily Memo:

Meanwhile, the exhibit’s curator has published an analysis of Biden’s work arguing that Biden, a drug addict, “turned to abstract art to heal himself.” The analysis contains long passages such as this, discovering deeply religious meanings in Biden’s work:

Each of the color patches are full of feeling, and in St. Alban and St. Ambrose cemented together by streams of blood — the red blood of the martyred saints? — in contrast to St. Thomas, where they tend to be packed together, at least in the lower half of the work, perhaps alluding to St. Thomas’ famously complex, dense writings. All of these works are symbolic abstractions, and all of them testify to Biden’s Catholic faith, which seems to have come to his rescue, raised his spirits, and restored meaning to his life, which perhaps had become meaningless because it perhaps had become too sinful — certainly, addiction is a sin against the self.

Well, that’s one way to look at it.

We half expected to find Waldo in there somewhere.



Byron York sums up ‘the White House’s tortured case’ for how we’ll know Hunter Biden’s art sales are on the up-and-up