During President Biden’s remarks this morning about another stinker of a jobs report (that he blamed at least in part on the delta variant).

After that, Biden took a question about the Texas abortion law, and the devoutly Catholic president called the heartbeat bill “un-American”:

“Un-American”? Biden’s view of what’s “American” must be baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and abortions.

But this wouldn’t be a Biden speech without some flip-flopping. In this case it appears the president has changed his mind on when life begins. During today’s speech, Biden said he doesn’t agree with those who believe life begins at conception:

That’s not the position Biden took just a few years ago:

Biden can turn on a dime!

Additionally, Democrats complaining about a “vigilante” system of enforcement is something special:

The Democrats have tried to create a snitch society in the last year and a half-plus and Biden had the nerve to say that?