Last week the Associated Press wrote a letter to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis complaining about his press secretary Christina Pushaw for calling out their misinformation and lies. Basically, the AP was telling DeSantis his spokesperson was being a big meanie for pointing out how one of their reporters was spreading complete BS.

That’s not the only occasion when Pushaw has wedgied some “journalists” stricken with DeSantis Derangement Syndrome for pushing misinformation. How has it become clear that Pushaw has been effective in sinking the media’s fake news on a regular basis? Here’s one example:

Wow. Not even trying to hide it.

How very “progressive” of him.

Pushaw does such an effective job of calling out media BS and misinformation that they’re throwing a tantrum.

Sadly we’re not surprised.

Pushaw agrees that the cartoon is suitable for framing, just not in the way the cartoonist would hope: