Earlier today, White House chief of staff Ron Klain said in a tweet that “over 37,000 people” have been evacuated from Kabul so far. Klain was then asked to be more specific about the number of Americans who have been rescued from Afghanistan.

It’s now clear that the White House and Pentagon are being quite vague about the number of U.S. citizens who have been evacuated, and how many remain. Major General Taylor said he knew the number but didn’t have it with him:

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby later said “we think it’s a few thousand” but declined to be specific. The lack of specifics caused one reporter to ask if the Pentagon was being “deliberately vague” or really doesn’t know:

If the number of Americans evacuated was quite high we can be fairly certain the Biden administration and Pentagon wouldn’t be so hesitant to provide the actual number:

It sounds like the Pentagon spokesman has learned a little from Jen Psaki.