Saturday morning there was a big rally in support of beleaguered New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Well, maybe not a “big” rally:

Yeah, you don’t really get the feeling there will be a big Cuomo comeback judging by this level of support:


The New York Post has the report:

A Saturday rally to back embattled Gov. Andrew Cuomo in the wake of the release of an independent sexual harassment probe drew less than two dozen supporters — all women who denied being so-called “Cuomosexuals.”

The 20 women rallied outside Cuomo’s midtown Manhattan office to show their support for the embattled governor, carrying signs declaring “Governor Andrew Cuomo Getting it Done for New York,” “Still the Person for the Job,” and “AG has an agenda.”

That deserves an audio accompaniment:

Pretty much sums it up.

It was more like a kaffeeklatsch.