NBC News presidential historian Michael Beschloss proved to have an obsession over the Trumps and the White House Rose Garden during the previous administration. Beschloss must miss it because he’s back to taking this approach:

Beschloss certainly managed to reel in a lot of anti-Trump anger with that tweet, which was the obvious intent, but reality tells a different story.

Dishonest, and then some.

That claim that Beschloss is trying to reboot was even too much for Snopes last year:


But they have their narrative on the WH garden and aren’t going to let it go because…

It’s apparent that many really miss Trump for the opportunity he gave them to flail about ordinary things.

Beschloss’s tweet lamenting “decades of American history made to disappear” earned a lot of applause from some who last year were cheering as monuments were torn down or vandalized.

There wasn’t a lot of Dem triggering about the destruction of “American history” last year for some reason.