We hope you can forgive us for doing two posts about “The View” today. Although, to be fair, our earlier post about Sunny Hostin trivializing the CCP’s genocidal campaign against the Uyghurs was based on something she said yesterday, so let’s pretend we wrote it yesterday. We’re just trying to look out for your sanity.

OK. On to post number two. This one’s about Sunny’s illustrious colleague Joy Behar. Joy did something really useful today. No, really! She did! She told the truth about Donald Trump.



Behar: “DeSantis is what they call a dweeb. And Trump is the one who needs to get the nomination, because then the Democrats will win. He’s a two-time loser already. Hellooooo! Loser!”

OK, well, we wouldn’t call Ron DeSantis a dweeb. No intellectually honest person can. Pete Buttigieg is a dweeb. Ron DeSantis? No.

But as far as Trump is concerned, Joy is 150% correct. Democrats need Trump to lock up the GOP presidential nomination, because that means four more years of President Joe Biden (or President Some-Other-Democrat). Kudos to her for being honest for once!

Who knew that Joy Behar was capable of doing something valuable?

Well, you know. Joy Behar’s gonna Joy Behar. We never said she was a good or smart person.



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