Father’s Day weekend in Chicago brought with it dozens of shootings:

That’s just one example of the crime spike in many U.S. cities. The Biden administration will now reportedly have the president spending more of his public time focusing on the issue of crime:

Why the sudden shift in focus?

That very well could be.

And that will all somehow be the fault of Republicans.

The rhetoric to come from Biden and his administration is as predictable as it gets:

Calls for more gun control will naturally also be in the cards.

Maybe Biden should start by saying that initiatives supported by the person who is now his VP contributed to the problem:

If Democrats like these want to know why crime is spiking in many cities, they should look in a mirror. Or maybe they should look here as well:

But at the end of the day…

Biden will use addressing crime as an excuse to push the Left’s political agendas that likely would only worsen the problem.