By now you’re aware that many, many media “fact checks” from the past year-plus about claims Covid-19 might have originated in a lab in China have aged like fine milk. Many called it a “debunked conspiracy theory,” to a large degree because one of the people floating that as a possibility was then-President Trump. Now that even Dr. Fauci is saying he’s not fully convinced the virus originated naturally, much backpedaling has ensued.

However, Washington Post foreign affairs correspondent Emily Rauhala seems to have had enough of hearing about it, claiming that of course she and other reporters covered the story:

Is it just “Internet Dads” alerting the media?

Anyway, back to the actual substance…

Not that she isn’t trying.

Also, this reporter doesn’t appear to have been particularly open to the possibility that the virus originated in a Wuhan lab:

So yeah, it was “covered,” but extremely downplayed (or many journos flat out called it a “debunked conspiracy theory”:


Does anybody come across as more condescending and sneering than “journalists” who were caught pushing a narrative?