The Biden administration is wasting no time in starting to implement their clean energy plans as evidenced by this story about a planned wind farm off the east coast:

During his address to Congress, President Biden said “there’s no reason wind turbine blades can’t be manufactured in Pittsburgh instead of Beijing.” However, that’s apparently not starting right away, because according to the story, “Boston-based GE will manufacture the major components in Europe.”

Meanwhile, on the solar panel front, “climate czar” John Kerry took questions from a House panel today regarding the Biden administration’s “green” agenda and things got awkward:

Kerry didn’t seem to completely slam the door on the possibility new solar panels won’t be produced by slave labor in China.

Progressive policies are all about forcing people to do things — it’s just a matter of to what degree apparently.

And Kerry would have liked to continue his conversation about the importance of the effort to do away with fossil fuels, but he had a plane to catch:

Whether Kerry plans to wear a mask on the plane remains to be seen.