Last week CBS News proved yet again that they’re willing to engage in activist “journalism” on behalf of the Democrats, and this week is no different.

It’s clear that if a Democrat president is having trouble with one issue, the media can turn it into talking point gold with a different issue that contributes more favorably to the Left’s agenda:

Wow, isn’t it amazing how much worse “climate change” got after the November election after Biden had urged people to “surge to the border”! Climate change apparently caused people to show up at the border wearing shirts bearing the president’s name and saying “Biden invited us.” Not any mention of climate change — weird, right?

Many showing up at the border are even citing those as reasons, but the lib media can’t avoid trying to help the Democrats dismiss the border crisis as being the fault of Big Oil, Trump, and lack of a “Green New Deal” (so far).

Yeah, it is.

Many media outlets fit that description.

You can’t spell CBS without those last two letters!

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