We’ve seen our share of media hackery when it comes to helping the Left push lies about the Georgia voting law, but that hasn’t stopped people from President Biden on down from repeating the false narratives.

However, a CBS News story took it to the next level by encouraging activism. “Journalism” has come to this:

CBS News’ story is not just rooting for one side, that’s flat-out activism on behalf of one side.

Will their logo appear over the stage at the next Democratic Convention? It should.

Yes, it’s worth noting that is a news piece from a “reporter” and not an op-ed, though it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference anymore.

That should be the new eye in the CBS News logo.

The mainstream media have earned every ounce of derision that comes their way.



Ya think these voter ID polls could have something to do with why Biden and Dems keep lying about Georgia’s election law?