During a debate last year, Joe Biden went out of his way to let everybody know they should flood the border if he were to be elected president:

Now that Biden’s president and people are doing exactly what he encouraged them to do, the backpedal has begun:

In attempting to at least partly stick to President Biden’s current “don’t come” message, the Homeland Security secretary added a “wink wink nudge nudge” element in his message to certain “loving parents”:

Yep, he actually said this:

“We well understand that out of desperation, some children might not wait. Some loving parents might send their child to traverse Mexico alone to reach the southern border. I hope they don’t undertake that perilous journey but if they do, we will not expel that child.”

A better message would be “under no circumstances allow your child walk alone across Mexico” to the U.S., but that’s a bridge too far for somebody from this administration.

“Making sense” isn’t a requirement for any Biden administration policy.

It’s unbelievable.