Mask usage is a federal requirement in airports and on all flights. Recently a family was kicked off a United flight because their two-year-old wouldn’t keep a mask on.

Today on an American Airlines flight, this photo of John Kerry is making the rounds:

That picture also caught the attention of Donald Trump, Jr.:

Frankly we’re more than shocked… that Kerry wasn’t on a private jet. However, American Airlines was alerted to the mask violation on one of their flights:

American Airlines’ social media account was informed and they say they’re looking into it:

They responded several times in the same way to others on Twitter asking about the photo.

We don’t know the precise circumstances behind the Kerry picture, but it’s entirely possible that “because he’s John Kerry” was the reason he didn’t get in trouble (the same reason he can be such a flaming hypocrite when it comes to climate change).

Yep. American Airlines should look at what action they took against the last person who did that not named “John Kerry” and just do that again.

But on the other hand…

The difference between Kerry’s rhetoric vs. his actions speaks volumes.