Republican Sen. Josh Hawley’s comments following the November election had the New York Times doing a deep dive into his life, and they came back up with some doozies:

“Journalism 2021” might even eclipse “Journalism 2020″…


Special, isn’t it?

This reporting has a very Kavanaugh-esque feel to it:

But in recent weeks, some of Mr. Hawley’s old classmates and teachers have been aghast at his role in undermining confidence in America’s elections.

“I’ve been very disappointed to see who he has become,” said Kristen Ruehter-Thompson, a close friend growing up who was once Mr. Hawley’s prom date.

Even his middle school principal, Barbara Weibling, has weighed in. “I’m not surprised he’s a politician and that he’s shooting for the presidency,” said Ms. Weibling, a vocal supporter of Democrats. “The only thing is, I think he had a strict moral upbringing, and I was really disappointed he would suck the country into the lies that Trump told about the election. I just think that’s wrong.”

The “Pulitzer” is strong with this one!

And journalism tomorrow isn’t looking very promising either.