In the wake of the New York Post’s recent report that an aide to New York’s governor said they “froze” and hid nursing home data from the feds, Andrew Cuomo held a press conference today ostensibly intended to address that issue. From the start of the presser, however, it was clear that Gov. Cuomo was going to spend a great deal of time creating distractions and pointing fingers:

Janice Dean was among the many not buying anything Cuomo was trying to sell:

Cuomo’s list of what was to blame didn’t include himself (of course), but did include nursing home staff and visitors, a “toxic political environment” and even “for-profit hospitals.” No, seriously:

Did Cuomo even ever address the base question, which is one of his aides claiming they hid the real nursing home data so as to not catch the attention of federal prosecutors?

There sure is a lot of room under Cuomo’s bus.

Don’t forget that we’re talking about a governor who wrote a book about his awesome leadership and won an Emmy. What a sick joke.