During the Senate impeachment trial (which has now resulted in Trump’s acquittal), the former president’s lawyers showed plenty of video featuring Democrats urging their supporters to “fight like hell” as well as claims that Joe Biden said little to nothing in the way of denouncing the violence, rioting and looting that took place in many U.S. cities last spring and summer.

Washington Post fact-checker framed it this way in order to provide a “false” rating to such claims about Biden:

In typical “fact-checker” style, that’s framed in a way that’s easy to parse if necessary.

First of all, “refused to condemn” would imply that Biden was asked to condemn the rioting, and since Biden rarely took reporters’ questions — and when he did they were often the softest of softballs — that didn’t happen. But it certainly took a long time for Biden to say anything negative specifically about the riots in U.S. cities:

It was at the end of August last year, many weeks into unrest in the streets of U.S. cities, that CNN’s Don Lemon said the then Democrat nominee should speak out forcefully against the rioting. Why? Because it was hurting the Democrats’ poll numbers.

It was mentioned a grand total of zero times during the Democrat convention.

Meanwhile, Biden’s running mate at the time did the exact opposite of “condemn”: