As we told you Thursday afternoon, it all started with an AP report that 9,000 coronavirus patients were released into New York nursing homes under Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s state order.

That was followed by a New York Post report that an aide to Gov. Cuomo privately apologized for the state withholding the nursing home death toll, fearing it would catch the attention of federal prosecutors during the Trump administration:

All the news from the day caught the attention of Janice Dean, who has been calling out Gov. Cuomo’s BS since last spring (well before the MSM cared to do so):

And then came the NY Post’s story:

We won’t hold our breath waiting for the Biden DOJ to do anything, but you never know.

Dean continued:

Dean expanded on those thoughts during her appearance on Fox News Thursday night:

Also, President Biden is meeting with some state governors tomorrow, including Cuomo, but what are the odds that this story will come up?