North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson is a Republican who has been consistently outspoken against arbitrary and hypocritical Covid-19 edicts from government officials. Here are just a few examples:

Lt. Gov. Robinson is also a member of the state board of education, and he’s been among those expressing opposition to efforts to inject a leftist agenda into social studies and history curriculum:

But Robinson, the first Black person to serve as Lt. Governor in the state of North Carolina, and also sits on the state board disagrees. He believes the words could make students develop anti-American feelings.

“To call our system of government racist, that is an untruth as far as I’m concerned. I truly believe that is an untruth as far as history is concerned and it does a disservice to our students. It puts the idea in the mind of our children that they live in a nation that has promoted racism,” Robinson said on Thursday.

And what did that opposition lead to? North Carolina’s first black lieutenant governor was among those depicted this way in a cartoon published by a media outlet:

Robinson’s response was a lesson for other Republicans in how to fire back at that kind of unhinged attack:


“It’s something we cannot stand for, folks,” Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, a Republican and the first black lieutenant governor in the history of the Tar Heel state, said in a press conference Tuesday.

“On the second day of Black History Month, the first black lieutenant governor of North Carolina has been portrayed as [racist],” Robinson added. “That you would portray a black man, just because he’s in the GOP, as a Klansman …. the hypocrisy is mind-numbing, folks.”

The cartoon, posted online by WRAL-TV, shows an elephant, the symbol of the Republican Party, wearing a Klan robe and posing as a member of the school board, which Robinson is a part of.

And that kind of attack will be considered acceptable because Robinson is a member of the “wrong” political party.

It really was.

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