New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo gave a surreal press conference today during which he blamed just about everybody not named “Andrew Cuomo” and attempted to diminish — if not flat out dismiss — a New York Times report citing the state’s AG saying nursing home deaths could have been undercounted by 50 percent. Cuomo literally said “people died” and it shouldn’t really matter where that happened:

Janice Dean, who lost both of her in-laws to Covid-19 in care facilities, didn’t pull any punches on the governor:

At one point Cuomo basically said that where people died doesn’t really matter because it happened:

If you think there was a mistake, then go talk to the federal government. It’s not about pointing fingers or blame, it’s that this became a political football, right? Look, whether a person died in a hospital or died in a nursing home, it’s… people died. People died.


Back to Cuomo’s remarks about his father’s death:

Cuomo’s nothing short of completely shameless.

This seems like the perfect way to close it out: