The New York Times has reported that the New York attorney general said Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his administration undercounted Covid-related nursing home deaths by a huge percentage:

Janice Dean is happy to see Gov. Cuomo being held responsible and called out, albeit way too late:

But for months and months, the media (along with some celebs) cheered the Democrat for his awesome leadership while continuing to slam Republicans, such as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

In light of new information, the media and others should be absolutely embarrassed by their Gov. Cuomo cheerleading — not that they will be. Here are some nauseating flashbacks courtesy of Grabien Media founder Tom Elliott:

Absolutely shameless. Hopefully they didn’t pull any muscles waving their pom-poms.

Even the New York Times got in on the Cuomo love action in their own way:

How many in the media will insist on continuing to polish Cuomo’s Emmy in spite of the recent news?



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