Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm has been nominated by President Biden to be the country’s next Secretary of Energy. During her confirmation hearing, Sen. John Barrasso exposed a lot of things that are quite troubling about Biden’s plans that are ostensibly intended to combat climate change. The first was an admission from Granholm that, sure, jobs will be lost, but she claims there will be many more new “clean energy” jobs to replace them (riggggght):

And then more reality checks were delivered. Barrasso asked Granholm if she stood by previous comments about fossil fuels:

But the kicker was when Sen. Barrasso cited a USA Today op-ed to remind Granholm that we’ve heard thes “green jobs” and “clean energy” promises before, and some examples took place in Michigan when she was the state’s governor and Obama was in the White House:

The Biden administration is trying to sell the same goods they pushed ten years ago that was a colossal fail.

Failing upward is always an option, apparently.

Oh no, the people who make decisions that cost others their jobs never miss a paycheck. What happened over the last 11 months has reinforced that.