Well, Donald Trump is now a former president, but as long as CNN’s Jim Acosta is on the job, he’ll keep trying to out-Acosta himself and continue with the “authoritarian” narrative he’s contributed to over these past four years.

Trump left office and Joe Biden was sworn in, and then the former president flew to south Florida. This is how Acosta framed it:

From the Washington Times:

“In a way, because the president is defying these traditions of not being a part of the inauguration of President Joe Biden, he’s almost leaving town like an autocrat, ousted from power, heading off into exile,” Mr. Acosta said.

Mr. Acosta made the comments at Joint Base Andrews where Mr. Trump addressed the nation for the final time on his way to Florida, just before President Biden was sworn in.

There’s no hyperbole quite like CNN hyperbole.

But “exile,” or something.

That might not be possible.