Does it feel sometimes like you’re being openly mocked and/or trolled by some of those in power? If so, this might feel like another one of those times:

We’d say “unbelievable,” but unfortunately this isn’t:

Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell is joining the House Committee on Homeland Security one month after it was revealed he was targeted by a suspected Chinese spy.

The California lawmaker — who was revealed to have been duped by a Chinese honey-trap spy who cozied to him and other pols in a bid to infiltrate the US political system — announced his appointment back onto the sensitive post in a tweet on Friday afternoon.

And here’s that tweet:

Unfortunately you can’t make this stuff up.

That appears to be the key!

Swalwell was never even removed from the Intelligence Committee after the Fang Fang story came out, so nothing is surprising anymore.

Correct, the DC media will be the good lapdogs that Pelosi and the Democrats expect them to be.

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