This afternoon President-Elect Joe Biden helped get the Left’s narrative back on-point by adding a racial component to the storming of the U.S. Capitol yesterday. We thought Joe’s take was pretty shameless, but then Kamala Harris came along with an even bigger can of gasoline and a bunch of revisionist history:

Everybody say it: Unity and healing!

Yep, Harris helped pass the hat for bail money to get those “peaceful protesters” arrested for vandalism, arson and looting back on the streets as fast as possible.

Shameless doesn’t even begin to describe the latest Democrat talking points.

It isn’t — and sadly it isn’t intended to be.

The mainstream media will mostly nod their heads in agreement with what Harris said instead of fact check it.

So. Much. UNITY!

And they’re not even in office yet. Chuck Schumer wasn’t kidding when he said “buckle up.”