Next Tuesday the Georgia Senate runoff election will take place (when the results will be known is anybody’s guess). The fact check team at the Washington Post has set their sights on Republican warnings about the two Democrat candidates, and found GOP claims to be false or at least exaggerated:

Basically the fact check takes claims — such as these Democrats support defunding the police and the Green New Deal — and debunks them. How? Forget what the candidates have done or said in the past, if they simply say “of course I don’t support defunding the police” at a convenient time, that’s enough for fact-checkers to consider a debunking of the GOP claim.

It’s the kind of “journalism” we’ve come to expect this year.

And guess what isn’t mentioned a single time in the “fact check”:

That topic was skipped for some reason.

We’re reminded of the scene in the comedy “Back to School” when the college dean asked Rodney Dangerfield’s character, Thornton Melon, if the work he turned in was his own when it wasn’t. Mellon answered, “I can’t lie to you — yes it is.”

The dean immediately replied, “I’m satisfied.”

A mainstream media fact-check of Democrats in a nutshell.