Democrat Senator Chris Murphy was one of the members of Congress at the forefront of helping his party push the “Trump/Russia collusion” narrative for four years. To make things even richer, Sen. Murphy more recently said stories about Hunter Biden (that were boycotted by the MSM and censored by social media outlets) amounted to a Russian disinformation campaign:

When Trump was hospitalized with COVID-19, Sen. Murphy said that Vladimir Putin would be doing his campaigning for him:

Add it all up and the bottom line is that Sen. Murphy isn’t too concerned about actual “evidence” for any of his claims, which makes what he’s saying about Republicans who support President Trump in efforts to challenge election results in certain states even richer:

Another day brings with it another example of zero self-awareness from the Connecticut Democrat:

It’s difficult to take Murphy seriously for anything for that matter.

The projection is strong with Sen. Murphy.