An Axios story about Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell being the alleged target of a Chinese spy has the same mainstream media that went into a four-year frenzy about Russia collusion accusations about the Trump campaign going all-in to report the bombshell about the congressman from California. Just kidding! There’s plenty of yawning from the liberal media:

How totally NOT surprising!

However, despite having been a loyal guest on MSNBC and CNN for three years to promote the Russia investigation — including allegations about President Trump being an “agent” of the Kremlin — the latest Swalwell news received almost no attention from the cable news outlets.
The unflattering portrayal of Swalwell was overlooked by the broadcast networks, as ABC, CBS and NBC all skipped the controversy on both their morning and evening news programs.

Additionally, The New York Times and The Washington Post, the revered newspapers who received a Pulitzer Prize for their reporting on the Russia investigation, appeared to not have touched Axios’ China espionage report as well.

As noted in the story, CNN did have Swalwell on this morning to respond to the Axios report. The congressman from California said he was “shocked.” Oh, and CNN’s Oliver Darcy mentioned the story, but only as an opportunity to criticize Fox News for focusing on it.

There’s plenty of “ignoring” going on. The media are nothing if not totally predictable.