A reporter tried to ask Joe Biden a question or two today from afar, but he wasn’t in a mood to answer at all:

“Because I don’t like ya”?

It sounded like Biden tried to save it real quick with an “I’m only joking” follow-up, but maybe someday we’ll know it wasn’t a joke if Joe calls them the “fake news media.”

Weird, right? Biden should at least be thankful for all the softballs the press has tossed his way lately.

CNN’s Brian Stelter previously anticipated a return to “normal relations between president and press corps,” but we’re not sure the love-fest will go back to Obama-era levels.

The MSM triggering would be off the chart as usual. But Biden will get a pass for now, and probably forever.

And then there’s the acronym:

“PEOTUS”? That’s… interesting.

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