Today several media outlets announced that Joe Biden has received enough electoral votes to be considered President-Elect, even as the Trump campaign is taking legal action in several states.

In some cities Democrats have taken to the streets in celebration, and in Brooklyn, Sen. Chuck Schumer joined them. In the second video below Schumer can be seen shouting to the crowd while not wearing a mask:

The “rules” have obviously been suspended, but only for Democrats:

Democrats and the media have made it clear in these past few months that the virus won’t spread if the packed event is a lefty-approved function and nothing MAGA-related.

And Dr. Fauci doesn’t think it’s a good idea for Americans to have their families over for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Trump called it! Also, if the above video was from a Trump rally CNN and others in the media would already have been doing their “potential super-spreader” shtick, but instead the Dems will of course get a pass:

That’s easier for CNN hosts to say than scolding Schumer for not following his own advice: