As we told you earlier, Lady Gaga is going to campaign with Joe Biden in Pennsylvania this evening (we’ll get to why that’s a head-scratcher in a second).

During a speech in that state today, Biden again denied that he ever said that thing that he was recorded as having said several times:

Yes, roll the tape:

And why does Biden repeatedly lie to Pennsylvanians about what he’s said about fracking? It’s pretty obvious:

Lady Gaga is campaigning for Biden in Pennsylvania today before what are sure to be several enthusiastically honking cars. Maybe Biden should also remind the singer about his support for fracking:

Lady Gaga responded to that but never denied she’s against fracking while the candidate she’s endorsing is telling Pennsylvanians he doesn’t want to ban it:

Maybe Biden and Lady Gaga could have a discussion about fracking for Pennsylvanians to hear today.