Last night in Southfield, Michigan, CBS News reporter Bo Erickson asked Joe Biden about the reports in the New York Post. Biden said he wouldn’t respond except to call it a “smear campaign” followed by an attack on the reporter.

Erickson’s colleague at CBS News, Paula Reid, found Biden’s criticism of the reporter to be unnecessary:

And that’s where Neera Tanden, president of the Center for American Progress, started expressing her displeasure with any journalists who are merely asking questions:

Speaking of “circling the wagons,” Tanden’s helping do just that on the Left side of the aisle.

Tanden took on CBS News’ Ed O’Keefe as well:

And then Tanden wagged a finger at journalist Glenn Greenwald:

Politico’s Marc Caputo got a stern talking to as well:

As did Politico’s Kyle Cheney:

Tanden also warned journos against doing Russia’s bidding by sharing a CNN segment featuring… James Clapper?

Would that be the same James Clapper who helped push the “Russia collusion” narrative that contributed to Russia’s goal of sowing discord about the results of the 2016 election?

Basically Tanden’s complaints boil down to this:


Sure looks that way.

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