Earlier today, the White House physician and several other doctors shared updates about President Trump’s condition after being admitted to Walter Reed Medical Center to be treated for COVID-19. Dr. Sean Conley said the president’s vital signs are good and organs are functioning well. Trump’s doctor also said that the president previously had a fever, but wouldn’t give the exact reading.

CNN’s Brian Stelter, during a rare stretch of not watching Fox News, found that “troubling”:

Stelter’s colleague Jake Tapper saw Stelter’s “troubling” and upped that to “unacceptable”:

Because it’s a health issue the doctor would have had to tell the media anything his patient didn’t want shared:

Bottom line?

What isn’t a conspiracy for the hyperventilating media these days?

Mollie Hemingway wished the media would be at least a fraction as curious in regards to Joe Biden: