If anybody noticed #MelaniaTapes trending on Twitter Thursday night and wonders why, this is the reason:

And that CNN video/audio provided the just the latest narrative for the anti-Trump Resistance to run with (it’s almost impossible to keep up anymore). Here are a couple of examples:

Dem Rep. Ted Lieu had this to offer:

Maybe the Democrats can tell that to Amy Coney Barrett as they try to destroy her based on her faith in a couple of weeks.

Lefties aside, the recording could backfire on Democrats:

After looking at many Dems and media types who have been sharing the audio, NONE of them are caring to highlight the part about “kids in cages” having been done under the Obama administration. Go figure! But there’s more:


The fact that the narrative attempts from the Left are shifting from the president to his family just reek of desperation.

Perhaps our favorite part is when Melania correctly points out that “kids in cages” started under Obama and the Democrats are helping spread the video like wildfire.