This evening we told you about CBS News’ Catherine Herridge outlining newly declassified information showing that Christopher Steele’s primary sub-source for his dossier was the subject of an FBI counter-intelligence operation. Furthermore, the Crossfire Hurricane team knew about it in December 2016. The Wall Street Journal’s Kimberley Strassel went into it all in greater detail as well.

But if you’re pressed for time, Ari Fleischer has provided a couple tweets to summarize everything, and they’re nothing short of amazing and maddening at the same time:

Just imagine what this story would be if a sizable chunk of the U.S. national media weren’t committed to carrying the Democrats’ water.

Yeah, just a little.

Addendums have been proposed when it comes to the media having been “duped”:

The MSM has proven themselves to be willing accomplices for the Democrats time and time again.



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