Perhaps because they were aware that the enthusiasm was off the charts for recent pro-Biden car parades, CNN thought it might be helpful to the Democrats to keep with the car theme:

What’ll they think of next?

Will any of the cars have a windshield that doubles as a teleprompter for Joe’s convenience?

From Variety:

CNN is planning a town-hall event with Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden tonight that is so complex and ornate viewers may mistake it for something entirely different.

“It’s going to be like ‘American Graffiti,” says Mark Preston, CNN’s vice president of political and special event programming, in an interview.

We’re sure they’ll make it a real challenge for the Democrat nominee. *Eye roll*

It’s going to be like American Graffiti — so, like, a comedy?

LOL. Could be!

You just know there will be plenty of softballs teed up for Joe to swing at.