As Twitchy reported, there was a Latinos for Biden car parade in Las Vegas over the weekend, and the Las Vegas Journal-Review described the gathering as “a handful” that grew to about 30 people. Here’s another look at the caravan before it kicked off:

There was another car parade in support of the Biden campaign Wednesday in New Hampshire featuring the spouses of both Biden and Kamala Harris, and the campaign put up a bit of video to show the excitement.

The thing is, you could say this was just a short clip of what was a massive line of cars — but it was posted by Jill Biden’s spokesperson and traveling press secretary, so you’d think he’d want it to look as well attended as possible … maybe pan down the street a little ways?

Here’s Jill Biden’s tweet featuring four cars:

We checked with local media outlets to see if we could get a crowd estimate, but the best we could get was this from WPXI:

The spouses of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are in New Hampshire speaking about the importance of the Affordable Care Act.

Jill Biden and Doug Emhoff arrived at the Bedford home of a supporter on Wednesday afternoon, speaking outside a gray barn. The audience consisted only of the homeowners, other speakers, a few reporters and campaign staff.

If we see a longer video or get a headcount from local media, we promise to update the post.