If you were otherwise busy during the week and didn’t have a chance to follow The Atlantic’s story about what Jeffrey Goldberg reported anonymous sources claim President Trump said a couple of years ago in France, here’s a brief summary:

The Atlantic published a story by Jeffrey Goldberg which used anonymous sources to make some pretty big accusations against Trump. Among the claims is that Trump said the American cemetery in France is filled with “total losers.”

Just coincidentally, anti-Trump political forces had ads ready to go very shortly after the story was published, and many sensed a highly coordinated effort was under way.

Meanwhile, on-the-record sources, such as Sarah Sanders (who was in France with the president at that time), has said The Atlantic’s story is “total BS.”

At that point, Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin said she’d confirmed through her own anonymous sources (we’re sensing a pattern here) that parts of The Atlantic’s story are true, according to the unnamed individuals she spoke with:

And just like that, the anti-Trump Resistance started taking more of a shine to Fox News.

President Trump then tweeted about Griffin’s report:

And today, Griffin defended her “unimpeachable” anonymous sources:

The sources will definitely stay unimpeachable as long as they stay anonymous. Which brings us to Mark Levin’s thoughts:

Yeah, even CNN’s Brian Stelter has said enough is enough with the “anonymous sources”: