This week you might have seen some videos taken in Washington, DC showing mobs of people harassing diners and insisting they show solidarity:

Several videos showing protesters confronting and harassing people eating outside restaurants in the District went viral on Tuesday as demonstrations were held nationwide over the police shooting of Jacob Blake. In one video, a crowd of people surrounded a restaurant patron after demanding other diners show their solidarity by raising their fists. When the woman did not, protesters began confronting her, chanting “no justice, no peace,” and “white silence is violence.”

Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser has now denounced that behavior:

Gee, what could have prompted some Democrats to be trying to put the brakes on that particular runaway train?

Did Democrats really need to wait to see polls before they became aware that allowing mobs of people to roam the streets harassing people minding their own business or looting and committing acts of arson (none of which was mentioned during last week’s Dem convention) wouldn’t play well with the average voter?

We’ll know the polls are horrendous for the Dems if that kind of thing starts to happen.