By now you’ve no doubt heard of the book “White Fragility,” which is basically an examination of white people and their microaggressions that was ironically written by a white person.

The author of the book on white microaggressions, Dr. Robin DiAngelo, is reportedly being macro aggressive when it comes to her sensitivity seminar fees:

Your bank account had better not be fragile if you want to hire Dr. DiAngelo:

Reason reports:

But this fall, the University of Connecticut plans to send four dozen top administrators to a three-day workshop where they will study antiracism under DiAngelo’s tutelage. For her services, the author will be paid $20,000.

That high price tag is not surprising. News reports have already revealed that DiAngelo and other diversity lecturers often charge in the $10,000 to $15,000 dollar range for a few hours of work. (She even charges $320 per hour for a phone call.) Teaching white corporate executives, school officials, and nonprofit employees to reflect on how their whiteness affords them great advantages and contributes to systemic inequalities is a lucrative enterprise for DiAngelo (who is white).

Hey, it’s good work if you can get it.

It certainly should be.