Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot put her “priorities” on full public display over the weekend after getting furious over a beach party while allowing looting to go unchecked until it was already out of control.

Lightfoot spoke to the press today following a night of looting that was supposedly sparked by misinformation about a police-involved shooting:

Here’s what Lightfoot said in her remarks today in regards to false rumors that preceded violent looting:

“Number one, the individual who fired on police yesterday and was taken into custody was a 20-year-old man — he was not a juvenile and he was not unarmed. Officers responded because they received a 911 call about a man with a gun with a very specific description. A foot chase ensued, the individual fled. He turned around, he fired upon the police, the police returned fire. He was hit in the shoulder and is recovering from the injuries. But I want to be clear this was not an unarmed individual as propagated on social media.”

Lightfoot also said that police who were working to stop the subsequent rioting were fired upon.

What’s her solution? You guessed it…


Lightfoot said if Trump wants to help, he should NOT send in federal officers, but rather support more gun control laws. It’s as predictable as the sun rising in the east.

Sorry, Mayor Lightfoot, but you and your city’s Dem leadership own all this.